Friday, July 18, 2014

Half Step

several attempts collided
Having a canceling effect
Each one stuck in the gate
Another chance to meditate
Find a spinning core inside
Warm with friction
Catching on life and
Woven by foggy lenses to
sweep the slight dust away.
With lids at rest
Another start is starting
Sparks on tinder
Just a little smoke
A little breath
and we're burning again.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

blow up

I have a fear of exploding
Along with all normal fears
The government, the boogeyman
Or woman
But mostly exploding. Its irrational.
I'm not strapped with TNT
No gallon jar of ethanol blend
Still I picture myself in little
Pieces,  stuck to buildings
I just couldn't take that
Maybe I wouldn't explode
All the way, two legs supporting
A shredded torso...
my blinking head nearby
Possibly thinking "Explosion
I was afraid of that."


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

other wise

Too thick a stew
Rushing through what stays
Some truth about reality
Or another fleeting phase
Carved in place by deeds
And seeds of thoughtful plotting
What still flows thick
and what words stick
Is a mystery to me.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

horizon bound

not much to say about
Another day without
Lasting inspiration
A radio station fading
In and out with travel
A moving destination
Arriving just seems
Out of the question