Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mistaken Sacrifice

Tonight a bomb went off in my head
I thought to wrap around it
Like heroes do a hand grenade
A protection for anyone near
The concussion sustained in only
One brain for now
Blew up
The inert case of fear and hate
Carried by all who lift it up
Remains inside and out, receding
Encroaching to fill what crack is left
When something else
Blows up perfectly undead
Detonates a reshuffling of energy
Outside my hero lust to affect
The schrapnel of exploded fear
It shatters my mistake


Monday, November 19, 2007

From Here To Here

Way too sad to sit inside
Walking I look away
From headlights, eyes and windows
Kind of tricky, sometimes I miss
To stare at something human
Over my gut I watch my shoes
Step, step, clumping along
I hear the walk go quiet
Wandering into residential
Finally the sadness leaves
I don't try to chase it
Back at home I close my eyes
In a chair by a lamp
Gratitude has room to speak
I hear my simple comfort
And think of making tea